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Terms and Conditions


Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control, we must reserve the right to change times, and dates of  our classes, workshops and parties. If we then cannot meet your needs we will then offer you a full refund.


Please make sure you check your receipt after purchase to ensure you have booked the correct course and know the date time and venue details. Please contact us if you have any queries regarding this.

You will receive a confirmation via e-mail or Tx message for your booking (please check your junk/spam e-mail inbox) and will normally only be contacted again if there is a change to your workshop or course, or you have an outstanding balance to pay.


Class / Course Cancellations / Lateness


Private 121 Classes

Cancellations  – We have a 24hour cancellation policy. Any classes cancelled within the 24hours will still be charged, if we cannot fill the space in time.


Refunds- Once payment has been made and first class attended, NO refunds are given under any circumstances, other than a note from your doctor with reason not to attend pole class.




Block booked classes MUST be used within 4 months.


 To gain as much as possible from the 121 block booking offers, we highly recommends 1 class per week, more can be taken if the space is available.


JR posts the timetable on a Sunday for the week commencing. If for any reason we cannot fit you in one week we will extend the expiry of the course.


We will always make you aware if any spaces become available.


6 Week Courses

Please ensure you arrive on time for your classes and courses – We cannot run lessons over for late arrivals. If you arrive late to a class then you will need to warm up before joining in. Unfortunately, any moves you missed will not be recapped, as each class has a specific structure which your Instructor must stick to.

If you are unable to attend a class during the 6 week course, unfortunately, you will lose this class.

One payment has been made, and the first class attended, NO refunds can be given, other than a note from your doctor with reason not to attend pole class. If a note is given, then the remainder of the classes will be refunded.


Following Instruction/Attempting Moves


You must follow your teacher's instructions throughout the duration of the class; failure to do this is unacceptable and may risk the safety of yourself and the other students in your class. You must only follow instructions from your teacher; it is forbidden to teach other students,  moves or to attempt moves that you have not yet been shown by a JR Instructor.


We appreciate that everyone wants to progress and we are here to ensure you do that in the safest possible way. If there is a move you'd like to try please ask your Instructor to show you. If we feel you are not ready for a particular move then we will give you an alternative to work on and build you up for the move you'd like to learn.


Our Instructors have undergone full training to enable them to teach in the safest possible way. Undermining an Instructor is potentially dangerous and could result in removal from the class without a refund.


Photography - We ask that students do not take photographs during the main section of your class as it can be distracting for other students and your Instructor. You will have some 'free time' before you cool down so please use this time to take photos if you wish to do so. Video recording in class is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN unless authorised by your Instructor to record a particular move/routine once it is mastered.


Bullying -  Jade Roxanne does not tolerate ANY type of bullying in the studio. If anyone is continuously making the teacher or any other students feel uncomfortable, you will be asked to leave the class and not return, with NO refund. Jade Roxanne is all about supporting each other.





All classes MUST be paid for upon booking.

6 week running courses - Payment MUST be made BEFORE the course date starts, to guarantee your place on the course, as there are limited spaces for these.


Health and Safety Information for Pole Dancing


Jade Roxanne is fully covered with public liability insurance.

You must be over 16 to attend a pole class. Anyone under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by an adult at ALL times.

Jade Roxanne has First Aid training

Pole Dancing is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant.

If you believe that you have any medical conditions which may make Pole Dancing unsuitable then please consult your GP

Students who repeatedly disobey instructions may be asked to leave the class

Students who make other students or the tutor feel uncomfortable by their behaviour will be asked to leave the class.

Please do not invert on the pole without the express permission of the teacher in charge of the lesson. This is to prevent injury to yourself and others.

Whilst I give every attention to your safety throughout the lesson, Pole Dancing is a sport like any other, and there is always a danger of getting hurt.

Jade Roxanne cannot accept any liability for injuries incurred during the lessons.

Please do not wear moisturiser as this will make the pole very slippery and potentially very dangerous for you and other students.

Students should wear training shoes for the warm up, if you choose not to you do so at your own risks


Your Instructor


Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances your instructor may not be able to physically perform the spin/trick/transition being taught. But they are fully aware of the technicalities and contact points needed to execute the moves safely.



Data Protection


Jade Roxanne uses a database system. We collect information which will enables us to contact you if we need to change lessons,  so we take a full postal address, land line and mobile. We ask for an up to date working email as our database system will email receipts from payments made if requested by the client.

Post codes are used in my marketing analysis to see where customers are located in relation to my business.

We do not keep any personal information such as religion, family members or occupation.  We may ask to keep on record health problems, injuries, disabilities or medication that you take, if we believe it is in your interest to keep other members of staff aware of your problems.


We do not keep on record any credit or debit card numbers and do not hold personal information on your banking facilities.


We never share your information with any other 3rd parties.

SMS messaging may be sent to you and each message has instructions on how to opt out. If you wish to be removed from the list please follow the instructions given, if you still receive SMS messages from us you may be on more than one list so please unsubscribe from all list. Telephone numbers are not shared with any other parties.


Conflict of Interest


If you are an Instructor or are planning and/or training to become an Instructor then you MUST make Jade aware of this before booking. We have no problem with allowing other Instructors to our classes as we all have to train somewhere, but for obvious reasons this could be seen as a conflict of interests if you fail to let us know.


Once in a class environment you are there as a student so teaching other students is strictly prohibited; regardless of your experience as an Instructor.


Advertising your services as an Instructor is not allowed and if you are seen to be poaching students of Jade Roxanne then you will be asked to leave.


Any breach of this condition may result in you being rejected from the class without a refund, and could result in legal action against you.


Hen/Birthday Parties


You must ensure that you arrive on time for your lesson; we cannot run over lessons so you forfeit the missed time if you are late.

Please ensure you understand and have read our terms and conditions before you book

Hen Party Deposit

Your deposit is used to book and secure your venue and teacher for your chosen date, this is done at the time of booking.

Hen Party Cancellations

Your deposit is non refundable  as we will still be contracted to pay the teacher and venue once they are booked.

We will only refund the deposit if we are unable to provide a teacher and venue before the party date.


Hen-Do Cancellations


If you cancel over 4 weeks in advance of your booking we may be able to book another party in your venue. If this is the case we will refund your deposit less £20 administration fee. If we are unable to book another party, we will be unable to refund your booking fee as this will have been used to secure the teacher and venue.

Two weeks

Parties which are cancelled two weeks or more before the party date will be entitled to a refund of any amount paid in excess of the deposit.

The Deposit is non-refundable

Less than 14 days

Parties that are cancelled less than fourteen days before the date are not entitled to a refund.

Deposit is non-refundable

Payments over and above deposit are non-refundable.

We will not teach anyone who is so intoxicated that we believe them to be a danger to themselves on the pole.

Hen Parties are two hours long as standard; please expect to have a break of around 10 minutes in the middle of your party.



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